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   We provide service in our personal training like no other! We are there with you at all times. We are not going to look at our phone, shame you, or discourage you while working with us! We are there for you!

About David Ski Fitness

        We value your time and will make sure you’re on top of things when conducting your workout. We will coach your form, technique, & anything else that will help achieve your goals!

About David Ski Fitness

       We will be there from the start and the finish of your workout. An efficient one hour workout that will energize you from head to toe. Every single second with be worth it!

About David Ski Fitness

My Facility Training Agenda

My Facility Roxbury Township, NJ

 With My Facility training you come to us! We provide the space & room you need to enjoy your custom exercise program. We have plenty of equipment. Powerblocks, kettlebells, barbells, TRX, landmine, plates, bands, & much more! 

 Before we start our first session, we go over your goals, get to know you, and see what you are looking for in an exercise program. We ask questions about your health history, exercise experience, & take the appropriate measures to develop your personal exercise program.

My Facility - Roxbury Township, NJ
My Facility - Roxbury Township, NJ

 You always get a free assessment & a free 30 minute session before you even sign up with us! We conduct an assessment to see where you are at in your exercise regime. The assessment allows us to paint a better picture of your future exercise program.

 In our FREE 30 minute session we conduct a speedy workout, different than our normal routine. You get a general idea of what to expect on your next full hour session. Head to toe full body workout that anyone with or without limitation can do! Fast, efficient, & fun! 

My Facility - Roxbury Township, NJ
My Facility - Roxbury Township, NJ

In the end youre going to be working up a sweat, feel energized, & endure a sense of accomplishment. You will be asking us whens the next workout?!?!

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